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An invitation to go deeper and experience community and growth as a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist or Certified Synergetic Play Provider.

Inviting You to Go Deeper

  • Want a place to continue to learn about SPT principles and deepen your understanding about SPT theory?
  • Want to be in community and share your experiences about what it's like to be a therapist or play provider?
  • Want to continue to deepen your relationship with your body?

We've got you covered! And, if finances are a concern, let us know. We're now offering scholarships through the SPT Foundation. Plus, enjoy special discounts throughout the year on our many SPTI courses and programs! 

You're such a special and valuable part of SPTI and we would love to have you join us for your SPT Certified Community Membership, exclusive for graduates of the SPT Certification program.

Say YES to an extra dose of growth, learning, depth, connection and SPT love! 

The Therapeutic Powers of Play-1

A Look Inside

SPT Certified Community Membership

The vision for the SPT Certified Community Membership is for it to be a place where transformation continues. The presence of each person helps weave our web of interconnection as we step more fully into authenticity and alignment with our highest values.

It's all designed to help you deepen your learning and application of SPT, drop into your heart and body, and grow as a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist and Certified Synergetic Play Provider.


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What You'll Experience

Monthly Live Webinars Exclusively for Members

Deepen your practice through monthly LIVE webinars with Lisa and fabulous guest teachers. Get access to a wealth of learning with a growing library of over 75 recorded webinars (that you can go back and watch at your leisure even if you join today). You'll find topics that range from working with clients with complex trauma, anxiety, addiction, sensory challenges, depression, and so much more! You name it, and it's probably there. Plus, did we mention that there is now a search feature!! 


Monthly Yoga & Mindfulness Sessions w/ Lauren Porter

Join Lauren and take time-in for yourself to explore a friendship with your body and emotions as they are. Because we know that sometimes what is present inside ourselves feels challenging to touch and yet we know this is where our growth lies. Lauren will support you with widening your window of tolerance for uncomfortable states, discover your inner resources to meet those uncomfortable moments, and deepen your capacity for allowing the wisdom in your body to guide you. 

Gather in Community for Reflection & Integration

We'll gather in community each month and hold sacred space for connecting with ourselves and each other. This is a time to pause, to anchor in, to share and to be witnessed. It's an hour to resource your whole body, heart and mind! *Please note that there will be two opportunities to gather each month to accommodate different time zones. 


But that's not all!

Your SPT Certified Community Membership includes:
  • Live Monthly Webinars with Lisa Dion & special guest teachers
    Over 75 hours (and counting) of live/recorded webinars. Plus, we've added a NEW search feature and way to explore by topic!
  • Yoga & Mindfulness Monthly Sessions (NEW)

Join Lauren Porter to cultivate your capacity for reflective awareness, attunement and regulation. 

  • Circle of Support Monthly Gatherings (NEW)

Gather in community to anchor within yourself and connect with others for monthly renewal.

  • Community Discussion Forums (NEW)

A central gathering place for discussion, the focus is your place to geek out about neuroscience, nervous system regulation, interpersonal neurobiology, interoception and so much more. 

  • Easy Access to All Membership Events

Stay up-to-date with all the happenings and events so you don't miss a thing!

  • Exclusive Bonus Videos

24 videos (and counting) to help you enhance your work with clients.

  • Special Member Discounts (NEW)

Receive special member discounts on SPTI courses and programs throughout the year

  • Share Your Genius (NEW)

Coming in 2024 - opportunities to share your genius! Stay tuned!


Say YES to an extra dose of growth, learning, depth, connection and SPT love!

With boundless opportunities for attaching to self and deepening your practice through monthly LIVE webinars with Lisa and fabulous guest teachers, monthly embodiment practice in Yoga with Lauren, and connection, reflection and integration in community as part of the monthly Circle of Support, you'll be investing in yourself and your community.

Join Us!

Joining is Flexible and Easy

Choose between a monthly or annual membership



Enjoy a monthly option to spread out your payments!




Get super savings and pay for the year!   


*Would like to join, but need some assistance? We offer scholarship for students with financial barriers through the SPT Foundation.

And one of the most special parts is our community!
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*A community where we are seen, valued, appreciated and loved for who we are.

*A community where we can feel nourished and supported as we continue to learn and grow.

*A community where we encourage each other to keep going deeper, knowing that our own integration widens our window of tolerance as we hold space for others.

*A community that cheers each other on as we transcend another level in our development.

*A community that provides a soft place to land on those days when it just feels like too much.

 You belong here!
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Invest in yourself today!

We would love to have your presence as we continue to learn and grow in community!